Grantly Read Marshall

Grantly Read Marshall was born in Ohio but is long resident in Germany. He owes his name to to the fact that prior to his birth his mother had read the book Childbirth without Fear by the obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read, advocating natural childbirth without the use of painkilling drugs or the help of doctors. In Grantly's case, the doctor arrived after his birth to cut the umbilical cord, and his mother was inspired to name her baby after the author.

For some years his theatre work has taken precedence over his poetry, but since 1997 he has been writing prolifically, publishing five volumes of 21 Poems for the 21st Century in as many years, as well as performing his poetry with passion to enthusiastic audiences.

Grantly read as a guest of Dead Good Poets at Books and Beans during his visit to North-East Scotland in July 2005.

These poems are taken from Volume Six of 21 Poems for the 21st Century.