There's a Bairn in my Broth

There's a Bairn in my Broth

Soup Recipes and Poems of Childhood

Launched 29 May 2008
Books and Beans
Wordfringe 2008

Poems by Ian Aitken, Beate Allerton, Roger Barnett, Sheena Blackhall, Kathleen Creighton, Ian Crockatt, Doirena Culloty, Anna Dickie, Brian Farrington, Rachel Fox, Eddie Gibbons, Douglas W. Gray, Haworth Hodgkinson, Valerie Faith Irvine-Fortescue, Vivien Jones, Brian King, Douglas Kynoch, Irene Leake, John Mackie, Olivia McMahon, Susan McMillan, Barbara Mathie, Rhoda Michael, Keith Murray, Mark Pithie, Elaine Reid, Gerard Rochford, Sally Silvers, Mary Simpson, Gráinne Smith, Linda Smith, Judith Taylor, Knotbrook Taylor, Sheila Templeton, Paulina Vanderbilt, Jay Wilson and Catriona Yule

Recipes by Craig Willox

Cover by Andrew Morgan

First Edition (2008) sold in aid of Children 1st

Second Edition (2012) sold in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support