The Year to Beat Bush

Grantly Read Marshall

Each year has its motto for which it's remembered,
the Year of the Woman, the Year to Fight Aids.
And 2004 has a special assignment,
to clearly remind us a spade is a spade.

All of our efforts must find one direction,
to join in one goal when the shove comes to push,
to show the world that we still have compassion,
and dedicate this as the Year to Beat Bush.

We have every reason to fight thrust upon us,
to claim back our country and freedom defend.
Let's sharpen our weapons and plunge into battle,
using any known means to achieve this just end.

This isn't a choice, but our great sacred duty,
a moment in history we cannot ignore.
At the price of our lives we must carry this banner,
giving hope to the world which has sinned to the core.

Our children will praise us and bless us as martyrs,
who rescued the world from the depths of dark night,
restoring their faith in the goodness of mankind,
or spit on our graves if we run from this fight.